Biochef Cooking Show with Chef Ken in Kuala Lumpur

Ambassador of Biochef Cookware by Moorlife – Chef Ken was come to Kuala Lumpur for the first Cooking Show in Malaysia on 19th February 2017 at The Grand Bulewave Hotel, Shah Alam. Chef Ken is MasterChef Indonesia, won Regional City Best Winner “Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge”, he also is a Professional Food and Beverage Consultant in Indonesia and Specialty in Western, Indonesian and Fusion Food.

Biochef Cooking Show with Chef Ken was attracted over 45 audiences, this Biochef Cooking Show started at 3.00pm, before the Biochef Cooking Show start, Chef Ken was invited 1 audience to be his assistant to help him with cooking. In the Cooking Show, Chef Ken was provided some cooking tips to the audiences during the cooking show, such as how to hold the knife, the easy way to remove pepper seeds and etc. Chef Ken taught 2 dishes in this cooking show, Chicken Mole Poblano and Shrimp Gumbo, and the 2 dishes are special from Malaysia audiences.

In the Biochef Cooking Show, Chef Ken shows how Biochef Cookware by Moorlife to help the cooking faster and easier, Chef Ken uses Biochef Wok 38cm to cook Chicken Mole Poblano and using Biochef Saute Pan 24 cm and Biochef Frying Pan 20 cm to cook Shrimp Gumbo. “Biochef cookware all come with double bottom design, it’s created raid and even heat distribution, this design was only for 4 to 5 Star restaurant, but Biochef made it for home use” said by Chef Ken.

After Biochef Cooking Show with Chef Ken, 2 invited CMN EP-Leader – Noriha Hussain and Norazni Omar were sharing their success in CMN International Sdh Bhd to the audiences. The last session of this event was the autograph session, the audiences were taking photo with Chef Ken and gotten Chef Ken’s autograph on their door gift.

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Chef Ken (left)  with audience assistant (right)

Director of CMN Malaysia Mr. How (left) issued souvenir to Chef Ken (right)

Audiences taking photo with Chef Ken during autograph session

Chef Ken sign his autograph on audience’s door gift

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