7th May 2017 was a historic day for CMN Malaysia, the very first CMN Malaysia Carnival at CMN Kelana Jaya Business Gallery from 10am to 3pm. CMN Malaysia invited Masterchef Indonesia also ambassador of Biochef by Moorlife – Chef Ken to have 2 cooking show in this Carnival. Another on stage program were adult Zumba, Kids Zumba, 2 testimonials by 1 EP-Master – Atheesa and 1 EP-Leader – Siti Syahirah to shared their success in CMN International Sdh Bhd and last was the lucky draw session.

On the other hand, one of the highlight of the off-stage program in the Carnival was Recycle and Reward counter, public bring their old/used plastic container to CMN Malaysia, and will get a reward of brand new Moorlife product, over 180 public get this reward. CMN had prepared Kids Corner, all the kids were enjoyed coloring and some traditional games in the Kids Corner. Another off-stage programs were CMN Family booth, public can know more about CMN product in Family booth and last but not list was Photo Booth, all the participates was took photo at the photo booth as a memory and 2 Disney mascot – Mickey and Olaf were at the photo booth to take photo with participates.

CMN Malaysia Carnival start will an energetic program that was Zumba Dance, after the first program was first testimonial by EP-Leader Siti Syahirah. Next was Biochef Cooking Show with Chef Ken, in this session Chef Ken had taught 2 different dishes in this session – Buttermilk Chicken and Stir Fry Vegetables with Lotus Root. The following program was Kids Zumba and testimonial by EM-Master – Atheesa, before the lucky draw was 2nd session of Biochef Cooking Show with Chef Ken, in this session Chef Ken taught one simple but delicious dishes – Fried Shrimp Ball. Next was the most tension session – Lucky Draw session it had two different Lucky Draw session, Attendance Draw and Purchase Draw and Biochef Wok 38cm was the Grand Prize for Purchase Draw. The last program of this Carnival was Zumba Dance, it ends with CMN Jingle – SEJATI.

For more information on our activities, please visit http://www.cmnbrands.com.my/news-activities/cmn-activities/ or call 1700 81 6933

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