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Visual Studio 2013

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Visual Basic is a program that allows developers to create their own applications.

If you have always wanted to make your own applications, this program is a great place to start. As a HyperNext study you can use Basic Basic both basic options and for specialists and an Exam creator tool. In fact, you can use an application based on Windows .NET Framework Windows PC. Important advantages of the ability of the new program to spread to several languages ​​ofBetreibenVon programming, and excellent security.

From program development – even the stage in which to create the effective installation file – it guides Visual Basic step by step. Microsoft Basic 2013 intuitive visual interface built around drag. If you can create an application, you must create one or more forms, each of which corresponds to the application of the screen. Then you have to fill them with various “objects” buttons you can text fields, menus and other options. Main menuMicrosoft Visual Toolbox, which combines all these elements, may seem endless and offers useful solutions for different applications.

Pasadopaso program peredZavershennya writing lines of code to make sure everything goes as it should. The syntax is almost the same as in previous versions of Visual Basic, and it is usually one of the most intuitive rules compared to many other programming languages. The text editor included Microsoft Visual Basic is also very good. ThereEven for Checker errors. The only disadvantage is that newcomers have to spend time learning the user interface before being able to enter the game application.

Visual Basic is a truly complete application to the author, developers of all levels.

Visual Studio 2013
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