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Pokemon: Revolution 0

Pokemon: Revolution 0 free download torrent

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Pokemon: Revolution is a Windows game that you are trying to “catch everyone”.

Pokémon is the most popular gaming card and TV program produced in Japan in 1996. According to its popularity, many video and computer games have been created using the images and backstage of a franchise. Pokemon: Revolution is one of them.

Pokemon: Revolution players play Pokémon trainer. Your goal is to collect Pokémon of different shapes, sizes and bahayaTahap soYou can teach them to fight. Along the way you can meet with another trainer, a Pokémon trainer of highly qualified training or even an enemy you need to fight. Also, you can have a basic conversation or take instructions from any other NPC (non-playable character in the game).

Pokemon: Revolution can be fun to play for a while, but it was pretty basic and blocking. It is relatively easy to control your character, but there are no qualities he sees that makes him stand outOut of other games of this type.

The diehard fans may want to give Pokemon: Revolution a try.

Pokemon: Revolution 0
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