The very first CMN Malaysia Champion Conference hosted in Bali, Indonesia on 19th – 22th May 2017 and Recognition Event on 20th May 2017 from 8am to 3.30pm at Bali International Convention Centre, CMN Malaysia Entrepreneur were recognised in this Bali Champion Conference.

CMN Malaysia Congratulation to:

Top Performance Entrepreneur Master and Master Premium Club Ruby
Mr. Choi Kam Sang

Master Premium Club Sapphire
 Ms. Cheng Lye Yee

Top Performance Entrepreneur Leader and Leader Premium Club Iridium
 Ms. Noriha Binti Hussain

Top Performance Entrepreneur Leader

Ms. Ting Siew Houng

Ms. Norazni Binti Omar

Ms. Liew Ik Ling

Ms. Lee Shwu Lian

Ms. Junaidah Binti Baharuddin

Ms. Haslina Binti Othman

Ms. Atheesa Binti Othman

Ms. Armiza Binti Ahmad

Ms. Clare Kho Geon Huan

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