CMN (Creative Mega Network) is a direct selling company that grows rapidly in Indonesia, with its’ Mission to create One Million SEJATI  Entrepreneur. CMN has committed to improve it’s Entrepreneurs’ welfare and help CMN Entrepreneur to be successful by the values of SEJATI – Syukur (Grateful), Empati (Empathy), Juara (Champion), Antusias (Enthusiastic), Tangguh (Tough), Integritas (Intergrity).

Currently, CMN has 4 product lines, Moorlife – food grade plastic products; Biochef by Moorlife – premium cookware; Cleo Oxygenated Water – healthcare product for better health improvement, and H&H (Herbal & Healthy) – made from natural ingredients for optimum health results. In additional, CMN continues to develop more high quality and innovative products for all.

In the second semester of 2016, CMN achieved a remarkable breakthrough by expanding international market and Malaysia is chosen as the second country where CMN will be writing a history. Take this opportunity by inviting your families and friends to join the big family of CMN in South East Asia.

A journey to achieve your dreams begin with the first step, you have made the right decision to take the right step towards a glorious future. Be part of CMN Entrepreneur SEJATI and change your life into a better one and make your dreams a reality today!