Moorlife products are made of higher quality materials which are highly durable. Moorlife prioritises customer satisfaction in product usage.

Moorlife takes concern in the security of users. All Moorlife products have been certified by ISO 9001.2002 and ISO 22000.

Not all products Moorlife can be used for high temperatures. Use Moorlife products in accordance with the instructions. There are several Moorlife products which is intended for use in microwave / oven to a high temperature.

Not all products Moorlife can be used for low temperatures.  Use Moorlife products in accordance with the instructions. There are several Moorlife products which is made specifically for low temperature / freezing.


The products become warped when filled by heated substances.


The products change its colour due to food or liquid residual that leave stain.

3.High impact force

The products are broke due to high impact force.


The products are damaged by animal bites.


The products are scratched as a result of being rubbed against another objects.


The products are damaged by sharp objects.


The products undergo transformation due to environmental factors.

The following options can be used to eliminate the residual smell of food or drink on Moorlife:

Perform initial flushing when the container is empty. The first step to remove the smell of food from plastic containers is to wash the product. A thorough wash with warm water and soap so helps eliminate residual smell of food or drinks.

Keep the container with a few sprinkles of salt. Adding a sprinkle of salt on the container will repel odours. Be sure to wipe the container before using.

Rinse with vinegar. After washing the container with hot water and soap, fill the container with white vinegar and let stand at least three minutes to remove tough odours. Then remove the vinegar and wash again with soap and water.

Store overnight (or more) with newspaper. Usually aroma recalcitrant in plastic containers will be lost through newspapers. Put the newspaper that has been kneaded in the container, cover it and store overnight or more. Remember to wash with soap and water afterwards because newspapers are not always known as a clean material.

Remove stains and odours with baking soda. Baking soda as a cleaning device is not a new concept and it works as a powerful stain and odour remover in plastic containers. Simply create a thick paste mixture of warm water and baking soda, then coat the inside of the container. Let stand at least one day and then wash. Continue until stain is completely gone.

Keep containers and lids separately.

Moorlife products are plastic products that are safe and has no chemical smell.

The case is usually because there was a smell of food left over on the product or the product was not cleaned properly. Therefore, the product should be stored in a clean and safe place, far from the reach of rats.

Moorlife products are highly recommended to be used as containers for food and beverage.